As the Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) portfolio shared values state and eBITS team members agree, we believe the best ideas are born from sharing viewpoints, opinions, and perceptions from colleagues with varied backgrounds and experiences. We know that we live in a turbulent and significant historical moment and are clear in our obligation to our communities to improve, learn, and grow to eradicate and correct systemic racism and discrimination in all forms. Our organization continuously seeks avenues to embody the University’s core purpose to transform lives for the benefit of society.  Just a few of the actions we have taken this year to change our community include:

  • Implemented the ability for all employees to declare a preferred name for to be displayed in systems on campus,
  • Beginning projects to collect and display proper pronouns, gender identity, allow the setting of preferred language and other efforts that make working at UT Austin a more inclusive environment.
  • Created a statement of what the Workplace We Want (PDF) looks like, building common expectations for current and future members of eBITS around the type of environment we expect.  Many aspects of this document directly address the diversity and inclusivity we expect.
  • Launched an internship program designed to teach valuable skills to students to facilitate their attainment of a high value, high skilled job right out of college in the technology field.
  • Actively posted all new positions to various chambers and commerce and associations to increase diversity in our applicant pools.

We strive to maximize diversity and inclusivity in our workforce and daily operations to align with the university’s commitment to respecting all individuals and valuing each perspective experience. We seek out alternative viewpoints and respect the perspectives and experiences of individuals. Our work is enriched by welcoming diversity at all levels of our organization

While race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation play large roles in diversity, we also seek to broaden our definition of diversity to include diversity in discipline, work and life experience, socio-economic background, age, physical ability, religious beliefs, military experience, and international perspectives. 

eBITS Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The eBITS Diversity & Inclusion Committee provides structure, energy and leadership for the unit to encourage activities, education, and programs that continue to move us forward. The committee, made up of individuals from each eBITS Division, works in parallel with the portfolio to analyze how we can gain a greater understanding of this topic as a unit, and adjust our processes and planning to consider diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

In this way, diversity and inclusion is not simply a goal to achieve, but a cultivated set of skills that enables one to view the world through the eyes of others. The value in being able to do this is that it allows individuals in our group to improve support to campus because we better understand what matters to individuals, what solutions would work best in a given circumstance, and will have stronger, more collaborative relationships which invariably makes UT a better place to work.

eBITS Exchange

eBITS Exchange

To help eBITS team members connect with others across teams, share ideas, and feel supported and appreciated as members of our community, the eBITS Exchange program was created. eBITS Exchange is a quarterly opportunity for team members both inside eBITS and other in other departments to engage with others to learn, share, work on professional or personal goals, meet and get to know their team members, and have fun.