About eBITS

Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS) is a unified, enterprise-focused business IT organization that partners with central business offices and stakeholders across the university to leverage a sole point of contact for enterprise systems, data, support, and services. eBITS manages systems and data and provides IT support services related to financial accounting and reporting, student accounting, risk management, human capital management, recruiting, benefits, employee learning management, inventory management, payroll, purchasing and procurement, reporting, travel, credit card processing, TXShop, and research administration. eBITS also provides customer support through askUS Support, which includes the askUS knowledge base.

Our Vision and Values

The eBITS Vision is to deploy systems, data, processes, techniques, services, and solutions that allow our campus stakeholders to have valuable time to be service-oriented problem-solvers of meaningful problems and not process or system experts.

Our Core Strategies

Our strategies flow from the institutional business strategies and direction.  The value we add is in embarking on strategies that further business direction or make more time for the academic, research, and public service missions to be furthered by campus.  The following five current strategies are how we meet our mission at present:

  • Reduce administrative burden in innovative ways with a particular focus on supporting the academic mission
  • Provide effective and easy-to-use interfaces that make interaction with UT easier and promote self-service
  • Enhance information availability and use through richer, more available data
  • Upgrade systems and data to support diversity and inclusion on campus
  • Reduce technology-related application risk and increase opportunities through enabling technologies

To see the past and present projects we are undertaking that address these five strategies, visit our roadmap project page and our year in review page.

Our Services & Initiatives

In our march toward modernization and improved administrative systems and services, there are a number of key initiatives currently underway or planned to start in 2020 that we are tackling in addition to the many projects on our roadmap, enhancements to existing systems and services, and incident handling. 

  • Visit the Services & Initiatives page for an overview of priorities along with a list of current services. 
  • Visit the Roadmap page to see how eBITS is working with central business owners and campus partners on initiatives, projects, and improvements to services.
  • Visit the Annual Review page to view highlights and strategies from the past year, along with significant projects and enhancements and accomplished by the eBITS team.

Leadership & Team

Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS) partners with business process owners and business leaders across campus to help advance excellence through administrative systems, data and services.  

Visit our Leadership and Team page for descriptions of our teams, their focus, along with contact information for leadership. 


eBITS works in partnership with many stakeholders and governance groups to ensure the right projects are being worked on through the guidance and decisions made by business process owners from HR, Payroll, Accounting and Financial Management, Procurement and Payables, the Office of Sponsored Projects, Academic Personnel Services, and Financial Aid (work-study).  Whether collectively or individually as the circumstance dictates, these business owners make decisions about our overall roadmap and priorities.  The Council of University Business Officers (CUBO), chaired by the Sr. VP and CFO, and HR Consortium are two key governing bodies from which we seek counsel and decision making as appropriate. Other advisory groups that we regularly seek counsel from include, the Business and Academic Administrative Systems Council (BAASC), HR Spectrum, Faculty Council, Staff Council, Legal Affairs, Internal Audit,and the Chief Information Security Officer.

eBITS is a part of the Business and Administrative IT Leadership Council (BAITLC) IT governance body. 


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