eBITS Annual Review 2022-23

eBITS Success Stories

eBITS and UT Works, a path for success. 

eBITS continues to manage the UT Works Program, intending to improve how the university manages its physical spaces, improve the delivery of mission-critical services, provide better and more useful data to drive capital projects and streamline workflows across units in the Business Strategies and Operations (BSO) and Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) portfolios. Phase 1 will launch in Fall 2024. Learn more on the UT Works Program website.

eBITS releases new Contract Payment Tracker

The Contract Payment Tracker (CPT) is now available to campus as part of phase 2 of the Contract Payments Tracking Project. Along with the addition of contract payment-related audits to VP2 and VPE documents in DEFINE, these changes improve the ability of departments to monitor payments related to business contracts in the Contracts+ system. For more information, continue reading Contract Payment Tracker Now Available.

eBITS partners with Payroll Services to make Split Deposits Available for Employees

On November 16, Payroll Services announced the ability for employees to split payroll deposits between two different accounts or institutions by either a stated dollar amount or a percentage. 

eBITS establishes new Business Analyst Apprenticeship Program

eBITS spearheaded the creation of a new Business Analyst Apprenticeship program, designed to professionalize the role of Business Analyst at the university, defining a career progression opportunity, and provide clear on-the-job training program for business analyst professionals in the field of administrative system support. 

eBITS creates new Duplicate Management Framework in Workday

In June, an enhancement to Workday will reduce delays experienced by Recruiters due to a candidate having duplicate records and the need to contact the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC). The enhancement will allow HRSC to take proactive measures to reduce delays caused by duplicate records. For more information, continue reading Duplicate Management Enhancement Coming to Workday in June.

eBITS adds Dynamic Report Search Capability to Workday

Workday users can now use UT Custom Reports Search - RPT0961 to search the potentially hundreds of custom reports accessible to users based on the roles they hold in Workday. The new report makes finding the report you need easier by providing an interface to search by category and keyword. To learn more, continue reading Report of Reports Now Available in Workday.

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