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Heather Hanna

Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS)
Executive Director
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Heather has a long history of success at UT, most recently in leading the Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) division of eBITS. She has successfully supported the implementation of Workday HCM/Payroll, Benefitfocus, and HRMS at the university. Heather also managed the User Services group of Financial Information Systems (FIS), along with many large financial projects, while supporting the Council of University Business Officers. As Executive Director, she is focused on building strategic relationships with business partners, vendors, and other IT-focused areas on campus to meet the ever-changing business needs of the university. It is through these connections that she strives to create opportunities for the incredibly talented IT professionals that serve the university.

Juan Ortiz

Juan Ortiz

Enterprise Technical Solutions
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Director Juan Ortiz is responsible for the stewardship of the university’s enterprise financial and procurement systems and application infrastructure for the university's business enterprise systems. He manages the ETS team, which partners with over 40 IT teams and units across campus to ensure the interoperability of our systems and ongoing support of business processes throughout campus. ETS plans and executes development and planning work for integrations, vendor-product bolt-ons, strategic reporting, and custom-developed solutions. Juan is a proven leader in the financial and HR systems areas and is known for his ability to architect complicated processes and systems, at times being called upon to assist with some of the hardest challenges we face.

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Jen Tysor

Enterprise Business Solutions
Associate Director
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Associate Director Jen Tysor has spent most of her career serving the university, providing strategic technical support for HR and Payroll business functions. She has been a critical contributor to many strategic initiatives like HRMS and, most recently, the implementation of Workday. She manages the EBS team that supports UT's Enterprise HR and Payroll systems through configuration and business analysis. The team partners with business process offices (BPOs), governance organizations, and stakeholders across campus to satisfy the strategic business needs of the UT community. Throughout her career, Jen has demonstrated a passion for architecting solutions that address the complex needs of the university and has proven herself to be a trusted and knowledgeable member of the IT community.

LeeAnn Gibson

Enterprise Customer Services
Associate Director
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ECS is the team that most of campus sees and is supported by! Whether through askUS  Support, training, communication, business relationships, or other means, ECS  always working with campus to identify ways to improve our systems and processes. Through their connection with campus, ECS provides valuable feedback into system and process changes, leveraging their knowledge of and relationships with campus stakeholders.

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