eBITS Roadmap – October 2019 – April 2020

The eBITS team along with central business owners and campus partners are working on many initiatives, projects, and improvements to services between October 2019 and April 2020. Below is a brief overview of project milestones to be expected in the coming months.  In addition to this list, enhancements, bug fixes, technical projects in collaboration with other system owners across campus, technology upgrades and compliance changes will be ongoing.

Student Milestones:

  • Upgrade Student Texas One-Stop interfaces as lessons are learned from the launch
  • Begin overall design for a consolidated interface and mobile upgrades for Student Financial Systems, Student/Parent Payment History self-service, and Tuition rebate self-service, which will aid students in identifying and claiming rebates and greatly improve the user experience for students

Human Resources and Payroll Milestones:

  • Upgrades to Payroll processes and system
  • Begin work to transition to Benefitfocus as the university’s new annual benefits enrollment tool
  • Improvements to the Workday Time and Absence Reporting, HR/Payroll, Payroll Accounting Transactions, and Financial Aid Reporting and development of new Workday Dashboards   
  • Upgrade the Change Job business process in Workday
  • Evaluation of Salary Spread processes  
  • Develop a new Salary Increase Process 
  • Develop improvements to processes related to Faculty Summer Employment and Student Employment 
  • Deploy new self-service Verification of Employment

Financials, Procurement, and Payment Services Milestones:

  • Self-service for the Allocations Download (AL1/AL4 equivalent) report
  • Upgrade VP7 Routing in DEFINE
  • Begin designing upgrades and new features to support changes related to the Pro Card 
  • Plan, Design and Develop new single-use credit card payment type
  • Begin design for self-service tax form delivery to allow recipients of 1099 and 1042S forms to claim them electronically

Research and Grant Milestones:

  • Support the replacement of the Research Management System
  • Improvements to Grant Sponsor Billing

Additional Project Milestones:

  • Automate receiving documents for campus package delivery
  • Evaluate and upgrade how names are used in systems across campus
  • Application handling and duplicate identity management upgrades


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