Leveraging Relationship Management Improves Enhancement Request Process

In 2022, eBITS launched a new submission intake process for system enhancement requests to eBITS. The new process aimed to improve how College, Schools, and Units (CSUs) submit requests and includes a way to evaluate the overall need and impact of proposed enhancements. This process helps ensure that resources allocated to system enhancements provide the most benefit for all CSUs.

The enhancement evaluation process builds upon the BRM+CSU Connect network, also developed in 2022. The network leverages UT’s MS Teams investment to give each Business Relationship Manager (BRM) a direct line of communication with their primary CSU contacts and vice versa. The network also allows group communication between BRMs and CSUs.

Using the BRM+CSU Connect network, BRMs can regularly conduct polls that serve to both inform and educate CSUs on enhancements queued for evaluation while providing a means to weigh in on the importance and impact of each. The network also allows for sharing additional, relevant information on pending enhancement requests based on the specific needs and experiences of their own organization.

The program, which kicked off in July 2022, facilitated the completion of over 25 campus-initiated enhancement requests to Workday before the end of the year.

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