eBITS helps UT see data more clearly

In 2022, eBITS partnered with Data to Insights (D2I) to make HR/Payroll data from Workday available to campus in ways that go beyond what a standard report can deliver. The visualization format allows users to view and interact with data in ways that are not possible with standard spreadsheet-formatted reports, making the information more accessible and actionable for offices involved in strategic planning. The project involved the release of two new data visualizations through the UT Data Hub for use by offices across campus.

Both reports display as a Tableau data visualization and provide a dashboard view and a navigable hierarchy to allow users to see data from high levels or drill down through the hierarchy to view data at a granular level.

About eBITS 

Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS) is a unified, enterprise-focused business IT organization that partners with central business offices and stakeholders across the university to leverage a sole point of contact for enterprise systems, data, support and services. Learn more

Core Strategies

  1. Reduce administrative burdens
  2. Enhance information availability
  3. Reduce technology-related risk
  4. Provide UX informed interfaces

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