eBITS Annual Review 2021-22

eBITS Success Stories

eBITS completes multi-year Time and Absence Improvement Project

In 2022, eBITS completed work on a multi-year project to improve the Time and Absence experience for employees, managers, Timekeepers, and Absence Partners in Workday. Continue reading.

eBITS helps UT see data more clearly

In 2022, eBITS partnered with Data to Insights (D2I) to make HR/Payroll data from Workday available to campus in ways that go beyond what a standard report can deliver. Continue reading.

eBITS works with PPS to support campus needs

  • eBITS supported Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) efforts to identify options for assisting the university in tracking and monitoring payments associated with business contracts. Continue reading.
  • To assist offices across campus in tracking savings elicited by asking a vendor whether a quote is their Best and Final Offer (BAFO), Point Plus received updates to facilitate tracking this information. Continue reading.

Leveraging Relationship Management Improves Enhancement Request Process

In 2022, eBITS leveraged new ways of interacting with Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) to implement a new intake process for submitting system enhancement requests to eBITS. Continue reading.

eBITS Partners with BSO and FAS to launch the UT Works Program

In 2022, eBITS launched The UT Works Program, intending to improve how the university manages its physical spaces, improve the delivery of mission-critical services, provide better and more useful data to drive capital projects, and streamline workflows across units in the Business Strategies and Operations (BSO) and Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) portfolios.  Learn more on the UT Works Program website.

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