eBITS Annual Review 2020-21

eBITS Success Stories

Website Updates Improve Tuition Payment Experience for UT Students

Before the start of the Fall Semester, eBITS released updates to the My Tuition Bill website focused on improving the tuition payment experience for UT students. The project team relied on User Experience (UX) research methodologies, including surveys, testing, and interviews involving UT staff, students, and parents. Continue reading

The Time Improvement Project Plans for Campus Needs

The Time and Absence Improvement Project kicked off in 2020 with a series of discovery sessions hosted by eBITS in coordination with Human Resources. During each of these sessions, representatives from Colleges, Schools, Units (CSUs) across campus provided valuable feedback on their experiences using Time and Absence processes in Workday. Continue reading

BRMs Build on Foundation of Partnership

In 2021, eBITS’ Business Relationship Team focused on developing strategic partnerships with enterprise systems users in Colleges, Schools, Units (CSUs) across campus, Business Process Offices, and within eBITS. Continue reading

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Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS) is a unified, enterprise-focused business IT organization that partners with central business offices and stakeholders across the university to leverage a sole point of contact for enterprise systems, data, support and services. Learn more

Core Strategies

  1. Reduce administrative burdens
  2. Enhance information availability
  3. Reduce technology-related risk
  4. Provide UX informed interfaces
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